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Online Colleges 101 was developed to help individuals at all stages of their lives, from high school students to working professionals find the best online colleges, universities, schools and degree programs for their needs. If you’re still doing research about attending college or taking an online degree program, browse through our articles section to learn more about the education industry as it relates to higher education online. More importantly, learn more about what it takes to excel in an online learning environment and how an online college education can help propel your career to new levels. Taking the right life degree program that is suited for you is one of the key factors to a successful education experience and career.

Top 10 Myths About Online Colleges

Why Choose an Online College Degree?

The Internet makes it possible for working adults and individuals living in remote areas an alternative means to obtain a quality education. Working professionals can attend classes and study during off-hours. Stay-at-home parents can take advantage of their children’s naptime to connect with their study group members. Military service members can log in and review class notes while serving in any new post that allows internet connectivity.

Online Colleges and Schools Accreditation

Unlike what’s common in most other countries, accreditation of higher education institutions in the United States is not conducted by the government. Instead, accreditation is a process that is carried out by private nongovernmental accrediting agencies for schools and institutions that wish to be accredited. Schools and institutions are not required to be accredited to operate. It is an entirely voluntary program. Both regional and national agencies are involved in the accreditation process. The only role that the government plays is to evaluate these accrediting agencies with a set of established criteria so as to identify what might be considered as “authorities” on the quality of education institutions.

Many accrediting agencies are geared towards specific professions.  The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) for example, grants accreditation to MBA and other business programs. AACSB is a well-established, respected accrediting agency that is trusted by many employers in the field of business.  Whether you’re considering a traditional or online MBA degree, be sure to check if the college has this accreditation.

Find Accredited Online Colleges, Degree Programs and Accrediting Agencies

The following is sampling of accredited online colleges, degree programs and accrediting agencies.

Name of School/UniversityInstitutional Level - Accrediting AgencyAccredited ProgramsProgram Level - Accrediting Agency
Argosy UniversityNCA, HLCClinical PsychologyAPSY, COA
Bellevue University NCA, HLCN/AN/A
Boise State UniversityNWCCUTeaching EducationsTEAC
Boston UniversityNEASC, CIHEPhysical TherapyAPTA, CAPTA
California Intercontinental UniversityDETC, ACHealth Care Ad., Bus. AdN/A
California State University - BakersfieldWASTeaching EducationsTEAC
Nursing education programsCCNE
Chamberlain College of NursingNCA, HLCNursing education programsNLANAC
Chicago School of Professional PsychologyNCA, HLCClinical PsychologyAPSY, COA
Cleveland State UniversityNCA, HLCNursing education programsNLANAC
Concord Law School of Kaplan UniversityDETC, NCA, HLCN/AN/A
Creighton UniversityNCA, HLCOccupational TherapyAOTA, ACOTP
DeVry UniversityNCA, HLCN/AN/A
Drexel UniversityMSCHENursing educCCNE
English LanguageNLANAC
Florida International UniversitySAC, COCPublic Health Mgt.CEPH
Occupational TherapyAOTA, ACOTP
Gonzaga UniversityNWCCUNursing education programsNLANAC
Grand Canyon UniversityNCA, HLCNursing education programsNLANAC
Grantham UniversityDETCN/AN/A
Henley-Putnam UniversityDETCN/AN/A
Herzing UniversityNCA, HLCMedical Assistant EducationMAAB
Indiana State UniversityNCA, HLCNursing Educ.NLANAC
Teacher EducationTEAC
Keiser UniversitySAC, COCMedical Assistant EducationHES
Keiser College - DaytonaN/AMedical Assistant - Assoc.DegreeN/A
Kent State UniversityNCA, HLCNursing education programsNLANAC
Kona UniversityDETCN/AN/A
Lamar UniversitySAC, COCNursing Educ.NLANAC
Lewis UniversityNCA, HLCNursing Educ.NLANAC
Teaching EducationsEAC
Liberty UniversitySAC, COCNursing Educ.NLANAC
Teaching EducationsEAC
Loyola University New OrleansSAC, COCNursing Educ.NLANAC
McKinley CollegeDETCN/AN/A
Norwich UniversityNEASC, CIHEMS in NursingNLANAC
Nova Southeastern UniversitySAC, COCOccupational TherapyAOTA, ACOTP
Public Health Mgt.PHG
Ohio UniversityNCA, HLCNursing Educ.NLANAC
Oklahoma Wesleyan UniversityNCA, HLCNursing Educ.NLANAC
Oregon Institute of TechnologyNWCCUDental HygieneADA, CDA
Penn Foster CollegeDETCN/AN/A
Pima Medical Institute - TucsonBHESRadiologic TechnologyRAD
Quinnipiac UniversityNEASC, CIHEOccupational TherapyAOTA, ACOTP
Teacher Educ.TEAC
Sacred Heart UniversityNCA, HLCNursing education programsCCNE
Saint Xavier UniversityNCA, HLCNursing education programsCCNE
University of Central MissouriNCA, HLCTeaching EducationsTEAC
Nursing Educ.CCNE
University of Cincinnati - Main CampusNCA, HLCMedicineLCMED
University of Colorado DenverNCA, HLCNursing EducationNLANAC/CCNE
University of FloridaSAC, COCOccupational TherapyAOTA, ACOTP
Teacher Educ.TEAC
University of Illinois at ChicagoNCA, HLCPharmacyPHAR
Nursing EducationCCNE
Public Health Mgt.PHG
University of Maryland - BaltimoreMSCHENursing EducationMBNURS/NLANAC
University of New EnglandNEASC, CIHEPhysical TherapyAPTA/CAPTA
University of PhoenixNCA, HLCNursing education programsCCNE
University of PittsburghMSCHENursing Educ.CCNE
University of West AlabamaSAC, COCTeaching EducationsTEAC
Walden UniversityNCA, HLCNursing education programsNLANAC

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